Zeitgeist: Psychology Department’s Annual Academic Meet 2013

One of the highlights of the year was the Department’s Annual Academic Meet, Zeitgeist 2013, which took up the theme “Popular Culture: A Psychosocial Investigation.” The meet was inaugurated by Dr. Rukmini Bhaya Nair, Professor of Linguistics and English, IIT-Delhi, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and explored the social, political, and psychological basis of popular culture.

The department investigated the intersections of popular (visual and media) culture’s socio, political, and psychological underpinnings, through group discussions, seminars, expert interactions, inter-college competitions, and paper presentations so as to achieve a deeper understanding of our ‘moment in time’.

Inter-college competitions, such as Analyze This! and Annual Paper Presentation Competition saw enthusiastic participation from students across the University. The best papers were published in the department’s annual academic journal, The Learning Curve ‘2013.

In the events scheduled for this two day long meet, the department members and psychology students across Delhi University deliberated upon several questions including how psychological analysis of popular culture artefacts inform social reality and how psycho-social theories and concepts help us to understand the lived realities of gender, self and identity, class, caste, youth, love and many others as reflected in and constructed by popular culture’s artefacts.




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