The Learning Curve ’15

The Department is proud to release the fourth edition of its annual academic journal, The Learning Curve.
A three-fold intensive review process – blind peer-review, reviews by experts, and reviews from Editorial Board members – led to a short listing of 10 papers to be published, including the winning papers from the National Psychology Paper Presentation Competition.

The reviewers evaluated the methodological rigor, exhaustion of the review of literature, relevance of and engagement with the research question, authenticity and contribution to the advancement of knowledge as well as the coherence progression of research reports.

You can read the journal by clicking the link given below:
The Learning Curve 2015


*In last year’s The Learning Curve, the article titled “Cricket Team of Life”, the citation provided was incorrect. The correct citation is: Carmichael, L., Sardana, S. & Ananth, P., Dhingra, M., Kothari, F., Vaidya, S.

The publishers would like to apologize for the oversight.


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