Short Term Courses

Critical Thinking in Psychology Certificate-Course

Professor Matthew Whoolery
Lady Shri Ram College


In this short term certificate course conducted for BA (Hons) Psychology students of Lady Shri Ram College for Women, an array of critical thinking issues were discussed, ranging from those that questioned the very foundations of psychological science to those that sought to understand alternative perspectives in psychology. Each session examined an insightful question in great detail. The questions were particularly thought-provoking and intriguing. For instance, Is “mental illness” a real thing?’ Are human beings determined or do they have free will? Can and should people act altruistically? Are all human beings basically the same or do different cultures have significantly different people?

In every session, the students and the resource person, Dr. Matthew Whoolery, Visiting Lecturer and Fulbright Scholar, met, looked at both sides of the issue, and discussed and sometimes debated the answer to the question.

This course gave students a chance to leave behind the pressure of exams, learn in a freer atmosphere and discuss critical issues in psychology.  Instead of a format based on memorization and subsequent reproduction of material, this course provided students with a chance to learn to think critically and evaluate significant and controversial issues in psychology.



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