The Department of Psychology of Lady Shri Ram College for Women works on two publications each academic year:

The Annual Magazine: Zeitgeist

The spirit of critical investigation and acknowledging the awe-inspiring complexity and variety in human nature led to the birth of Zeitgeist, that is, ‘the spirit of the times’ in 2013-14. The magazine promotes students and teachers from all fields to showcase their creativity through articles, stories, poems, comics, artwork, and so on. The magazine also has a tradition to include stories of the unsung heroes of the college, who work extremely hard to keep everything running smoothly.

The Annual Academic Journal: The Learning Curve (online ISSN No. 2321-7057)

The purpose of The Learning Curve is to acknowledge the diversity of academic work produced by the undergraduate students in universities and colleges across India. Since psychology is a research intensive subject and students of all three years, especially the third year students conduct independent primary research studies under department professors, the academic journal was initiated in 2011-12 to appreciate the young budding psychologists, inviting submissions from the University of Delhi and now from all over the country.

The submitted papers go through a three-tier review process​, encompassing the following:​

1. Blind Expert Reviews
2. Blind Internal Reviews by the Editorial Team
3. ​Blind Peer ​Reviews ​where authors who have submitted their papers will be required to review other papers that have been submitted. Peer reviewers are given a Peer Review Form which comprises of a reviewing format that has been developed keeping in mind the APA standards of publication. 

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