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Department of Psychology at Lady Shri Ram College

The Undergraduate Programme of Psychology in Delhi University provides comprehensive learning of Psychology by covering all the important sub-fields of Psychology like Cognitive Psychology, Social and Cultural Psychology, Clinical and Counseling Psychology, Life Span Development, Organizational Psychology, BioPsychology and Research Methodology.
It aims to provide a strong theoretical grounding and skills to understand and deal with human experience. The course necessitates use of application based pedagogical practices for teaching which include practical exercises, film and textual analysis, group discussions and role plays, field trips and workshops.
At LSR, the faculty of the department draws upon theoretical and methodological pluralism which is inherent to Psychology and brings their own research expertise and field experiences to enable students find their own ways of negotiating the discipline. The study of psychology equips students to pursue careers and research in the fields of mental health, human resources, social work, education, advertising, market research, law – to name a few.

Departmental Association Activities

Through the years, the Department has been the hub of various activities that provide students and teachers an opportunity to explore the multiple dimensions of the discipline. It has worked closely and collaborated with many N.G.O.s that help individuals with mental and emotional problems like Muskaan, RAHI, Sanjeevani and Sanchetan. Eminent persons have been invited to conduct workshops and to deliver talks and lectures. Noteworthy amongst them are – Noted Indian Psychoanalyst, Dr. Sudhir Kakar, Senior faculty in D.U. and Editor of Psychological Studies, Prof. Girishwar Mishra, Director DIPR and Chief Controller (R&D), DRDO, Dr. Manas K. Mandal, Psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh, Noted Psychoanalyst Allan Roland.

The department has hosted students from as well as sent their students for international exchange programs to universities abroad. There are many avenues of creative expression in newsletters, journals, blog that students of department are involved with. Annual events like the ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ are scheduled.

Faculty & Department Profile – http://html.lsr.edu.in/psyprofile.asp

Visit our Weblink: http://html.lsr.edu.in/courses-psychology.asp




Area of Interest

Dr. Rachana Johri

Associate Professor

Gender Issues and Cultural Psychology, Developmental Psychology,

Mental Health

Dr. Priti S. Dhawan

Associate Professor

Clinical Psychology, Counselling
Dr. Pushpita Behera

Assistant Professor

Stress and Coping, Organizational Behaviour, Human Development,
Dr. Kanika A. Khandelwal

 Associate Professor

Organizational Behavior, Managing Human Resources, Social Psychology,

Cultural Issues in Psychology

Dr. Parul Bansal

Assistant Professor

Clinical Psychology, Critical Psychology, Psychoanalysis,

Qualitative Research Methodology

Ms. Sentisungla Longchar

Assistant Professor

Clinical Psychology, Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Child and Adolescent Therapy, Neuropsychology, Cultural Psychology, Research Methodology
Ms. Diana Cherian

Assistant Professor

Clinical Psychology, Qualitative Research, Gender Studies, Health Psychology

Student Representatives



Devika Gupta President
Yamini Bhagat Secretary
Bhavna Mehrotra Treasurer


Write to us at lsrpsychologyunion@gmail.com for any queries.

Header Photograph courtesy Tanushree Sarkar


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