Psyched! The Psychology Game Show

Psyched! is an intense, fast- paced and fun game which will test the contestants’ knowledge of psychological concepts and theories as well as their ability to apply them. A must for all those who profess a love for the discipline, this ‘Game Show’ consists of multiple rounds that will keep the energy levels high as participants tackle one challenge after another.

The competition will proceed in three rounds spread across two different days, each round lasting about 45 minutes:
Round I: Psychology Pictionary (21st August)
Round II: Audio Visual Quiz (21st August)
Round III: All- psychology Quiz (26th August)

General Rules
1. The questions and terms used in the Game Show are all drawn from the undergraduate program curriculum for psychology followed by Delhi University.
2. Participants have to apply in teams. Each team can have 2 or 3 members. Cross- college teams are permitted.
3. For each round, the team members must decide upon a mutual answer and give only one answer. In case of multiple responses, the last response before the time elapses shall be considered final.
4. All participating teams will compete for points in Rounds I and II on 21st August, however, only the Top 5 teams will qualify for Round III, which will take place on the 26th of August.

Round I Rules: Psychology Pictionary: 21st August 2014
1. This round will proceed similar to the actual game Pictionary.
2. 1 person in each team will be designated for drawing, while the other team members will guess.
3. The person who is drawing will pick 1 word out of a bowl and attempt to explain it to his/ her teammates only by drawing it on a whiteboard. There can be no verbal or physical communication, nor can letters and numbers be sketched.
4. Each team will have a time limit of 2 minutes. In that time, they must try to guess as many words as possible.
5. Each correct guess will earn the team 10 points.
6. The questions in this round will not be transferable to other teams as bonus questions.
Some Information
For the ease of the competitors, the words will be divided into categories, such as ‘Physiological Psychology’ or ‘Disorders’. Teams will roll a dice and be allotted a category, from which they get there first word. For the subsequent words, the person drawing is free to decide which category he/she wants to go for.

Round II Rules: Audio Visual Quiz: 21st August 2014
1. This round requires strong practical knowledge of Psychology.
2. Each team will be shown a video and asked 3 questions based on the video.
3. The first two questions are worth 5 points each, with a time limit of 15 seconds.
4. The third question is worth 10 points, with a time limit of 30 seconds.
5. If the team is not able to answer the third question, it will pass to the next team. If another team answers correctly, they will get 5 points.

The points won by each team in Round I and Round II will be tallied. Only the top 5 teams will qualify for Round III

Round III: Quiz: 26th August 2014
1. This round spans the entire expanse of Psychology.
2. The quiz will have multiple rounds with different types of questions, tackling different aspects of the discipline.
3. Different rounds will have different points and time limits which will be revealed at the time of the quiz.

The points won by each team at the end of Round III will be tallied and the Top 3 teams will be felicitated

For queries, or to register for the event (please do so before the 15th of August, 2014 as we will only be registering 12 teams), contact Srishti, 9871120254 or Yamini, 9873251686

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