MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK 2013 by the department of psychology in collaboration with WUS presents Scribbly Doo!

-The first of it’s kind, doodle competition! So mind your doodle and doodle your mind.

A doodle is a casual and relatively random drawing or simple sketch produced unconsciously when the mind is otherwise occupied and attention elsewhere. We ALL doodle; from the margins of our books during lectures, to the scraps of paper during phone conversations. Now we are calling all doodlers to engage in a visual representation of their perception of reality, and take a step beyond the backs of registers and margins of books and have their doodles recognised as art!

This competition will give freedom of expression, with no restriction on number of articles drawn, or art form used, or even on how to use the page. You don’t need to be an artist to create a masterpiece of cartoons, slogans and abstract and geometric shapes, patterns or textures, so come and satisfy your appetite for doodlation, and just doodle it!

27 September 2013,
RER (12:05-1:20)

Topics will be given on the spot.
Each participant is required to carry one’s own stationery.
The emphasis will be on creativity, originality, imagination and a unique portrayal of the theme – being young: peers, pressure and passion.

To register, visit

For further details contact :
Apurva (9968231481)
Preksha (9999705930)

FB event –


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