Freshers 2015-2016

The new batch of students for the Psychology Department were welcomed once again on their Freshers’, held in the college auditorium. With the theme being the alphabet ‘P’, the auditorium was filled with students all dressed up and raring to display their interpretations of the unusual theme. Although this was an informal event, the Department faculty showed up to support and cheer the students. Dr. Priti Dhawan, Head of the Psychology Department, gave an inspiring speech to remind the newcomers of the evolution their personalities would undergo while they were at LSR. Each of the students participated in fun activities and engaged the audience with their innovative takes on ‘P’. Performances by all the three years interspersed between the introductions. Dr. Suman Sharma, our principal, surprised us by attending the latter half of the programme and delighting us with her anecdotes. Overall, it was a wonderful day in which the first year students were embraced once again by the department.

Reported by Tanvi Chatterjee

Photo Credits Parul Rajwanshi and Harshita Bajaj

P for Phresher’s Party

My Freshers’ Story


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