Department Association

The activities of the Department are conceptualized and executed by a team of dedicated students from all three years who form the Student Association.

The activities of the team are overseen by the Faculty In-charge, Dr. Bhawna Devi and Ms. Siksha Deepak

The association is led by the elected representatives:

Vaidehi Mishra
Secretary         Sreevidhya Kottarapat Srinivas
Treasurer         Ananya Arora

The teams comprising the Department Association are:

1. The Book, Documentary and Reading Club

Coordinator   Mohana 
Coordinator   Avleen       
Shwetha Gopalakrishnan

2. The Editorial Board

Editor-in-Chief  Mitakshara Medhi
Editor-in-Chief   Abhilasha Mansata
Assistant Editor
Assistant Editor

3. The Design Team

Coordinator  Unnati Singhal
Coordinator     Dakshita Sabharwal

Coordinator       Nainika

4. The Logistics Team

Coordinator      Sadhna Kumari

Coordinator       Sana Jamal

5. The Photography Team


6. The Publicity Team


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