Freshers’ – A Pun, a Party, and Us!





The first streak of sunlight at sunrise, the first spring bloom in the garden, the first drop of rain of monsoon season…

Isn’t every first a little bit of butterflies and chills?


In the midst of excitement of entering LSR, apprehensions about the flow of life here and the quandaries entwined with the run to fit in, the nearing of our department’s Freshers’ Party on 10th August didn’t fail to enthuse us with its own spark.

Much to our awe, the seniors provided us with ‘PUN’ as our theme. Yes, pun! And to the best of my knowledge, every single one of us googled up pun-costumes. Also, I must admit, having put us in a corner of intensive brainstorming made us all the more zealous and geared-up for the day.

Eventually, the D-day dawned. The morning buzzed with, “Hey, what are you gonna put up? What have you got?” The level of ecstasy was vivid from my friend exclaiming, “Don’t do that. It’s my Freshers’, I need to look good,” when I gently pinched her.

Finally, 04:00 pm ticked in, and the New Common Room gave out a warm “Welcome Freshers” with the seniors cheering us on when we entered the room. Thus, the much-awaited Freshers’ Party commenced with a boom, with some of our seniors presenting a soulful Hindi mash-up song. The introductions which followed were a real treat, with each of us flaunting our own pun-ny outfit. The spectrum of outfits ranged from the beautiful Miss Tree (mystery) to Miss Sun-Flower; the brilliant Freudian slip to Count-on-me; Facebook to Formal Apology; the wild Party Animal, Bee-yoncé, and Spot Me If You Can (leopard). Well, the list is longer than this, and all of them are worth a mention. Meanwhile, I tried to fit myself in with a little Queen of Hearts costume.

Taking the event up a notch, the introductions were combined with a fun-filled game, where we were made to carry out certain acts based on the topic we got. And yes, the audience was shouting out the right answers – starting from characters like Joey Tribbiani, Sherlock Holmes, moving on to personalities like Modi, and then to dance acts like Pinga, Disco Diwani – altogether it was an immensely pleasurable moment to be a part of.

Also, the series of introductions had intervals with a variety of performances, each of them with its own different touch of emotions. Amongst others, there was the soothing duet dance, the heartfelt poem recitations by a senior as well as one of our batchmates, and the head-banging mixed genre dance. These were topped off with two mind-blowing on-screen presentations – one which gave us a hilarious glimpse into LSR Psychology students’ lives, and another one which lifted our spirits up to explore the college and live its life. The curtains of the event were finally drawn after a very exuberant group-dance performance, and a lovely vote of thanks.

Well, everyone’s faces were beaming with smiles, thinking, “Wow, all’s well that ends well,” but our growling tummies weren’t really agreeing with the ‘end well’ part. Hence, we were all thrilled when the seniors treated us to a round of nice snacks.

And there we were. Physiological needs? Checked. Security? Checked. So we are going to soar higher in this roller coaster ride with an aura of loving, sharing and learning in our very own LSR pyramid!


08:00 pm. Friends on Whatsapp – “Honey, how was the Freshers ? How are you feeling? …

…. And also guys, I’m not scared anymore. With the teachers and seniors bestowing on us much love and support, I’ll be able to embrace every fall in this hiking, and captain myself to sail through more storms. I made the right choice!”

Reported by: Kasish Ngangom

Photo credits: Mehak Rawal


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