Erudition – The Debate Competition

The much-awaited event, which every student of the psychology department of LSR looks forward to, The Annual Psychology Symposium, finally dawned on the 10th of March 2017. The theme that was chosen was ‘Addiction’ and hence the name of the symposium was kept as ‘Erudition’. Enumerable number of events, had been planned like treasure hunts, art competition, panel discussions and debate competitions . 
The debate was the highlight of the show as the topics chosen for the debate were extremely relevant topics in today’s world. Sexual violence, addiction- A disease or a choice? Exchanging addictions and alcohol addiction are some of the topics focused upon. The hall was filled in no time, since students were eager to know the views of their fellow mates on such sensitive issues and perhaps also to give their own view points. Participants were invited from various colleges and universities who were pursuing applied psychology, behavioural sciences and theoretical psychology. They all were extremely enthusiastic and were brimming with excitement and energy! Soon, our judges arrived. Dr Priti Dhawan, the HOD of the Psychology Department at LSR and Dr Pushpita Behra, an assistant professor were invited to be the judges. After quietening the crowd and exchanging formal greetings, the die had been cast! Participants were notified about the rules of the competition and the criteria for individual evaluation. Each of the competitors were given 5 minutes to present their views. For each of the four topics,  there were two participants, one for the motion and one against. It was impressive to see how each and every participant expressed their views about their respective topics with such eloquence and passion. It was very well reflected that they had done extensive researches since each every argument that they put forth, was supported by a well known and relevant case study or experiments. Not only did they present the information in a crisp and clear manner but they also put forward their own points and critically analyzed the work done by scientists, specifically in the fields of alcohol addiction and pornography. Some brilliant questions were posed both by the judges and the audience to which the participants answered beautifully. 

 The competition was not only about speaking about the topics but also to reach out to the young minds of our generation and make them realize both sides of the coin. Since the field of psychology is based on experiments, there is never one correct solution to the problem. Research is what will help us move forward in the correct direction. This was the broad view that was brought out by each and every participant today. The confidence, the courage that they portrayed by speaking about these issues in public is, indeed worth a mention. The judges thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were baffled by the maturity and precision showed by every competitor. 

  It felt like it wasn’t really a competition but was a public forum where every speaker was a winner. Each and every one of us has the right to speak out our opinion and this what helps the field of behavioural sciences to grow to greater heights!

 Is addiction really a choice? This is something which can have multi dimensional views and can be debated on, endlessly. But what matters is what you understand by and feel about addiction? Question yourself, let your mind run wild and seek answers to such enigmatic questions! 

 Our symposium no doubt was a grand success.  Three cheers to the psychology department!

   Contributed by Tanya Aggarwal, 1st year


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