Enigma – Interactive session with Mr. Bonerjee

To explore and erect awareness on the topic of addiction, the Psychology department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women held a symposium, ËruditionAddiction to De-addiction, on the 10th of March, 2017. Several events and discussions constituted this day long intellectually stimulating programme, one of which was an interactive session with Mr. Pallav Bonerjee, a consultant clinical psychology working in the adult mental health department at Vimhans hospital. 
Mr. Bonerjee works actively with different age groups on diverse areas relating to mental health challenges, with addiction and substance abuse being one such major area. The session, named as Enigma, began with Mr. Bonerjee introducing the concept of addiction with the help of a presentation. He went on to explain the various nuances of substance abuse, the different symptoms and signs associated with addiction, and the types of commonly abused drugs. He delved into the psychology behind addiction, and the various social and physical implications of substance abuse and dependence. He apprised the engaged audience of the impact of drug abuse on the emotional balance of an individual with the help of a mood curve, further expanding their knowledge of the psychology of addiction. Lastly, he spoke about the various kinds of treatment programmes and intervention techniques that could enable an individual to tread the cumbersome path from dependency to independence. 
After the presentation, he answered the questions posed by the students in the audience which covered a wide gamut of topics such as therapy, academic drug abuse and mediation strategies. The session was informative, and engaging and managed to unbox the audience’s thinking with regard to the much debated topic of substance abuse and dependence.  
Somdutta Mazumder


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