MHAW: Tale It Up

​The World University Service Society teamed up with the Psychology Department for the Mental Health Awareness Week and created ‘Tale it Up’ a story writing completion, held on 21st October during the Lunch break. Dr. Bhavna Devi Ma’am was declared the judge.

The prompts given were quite interesting- one featured a woman rejected from her job because she revealed her epileptic son’s complicated care requirements. The other one was more broad, and only mentioned a boy named Kabir encountering a crowd in a mall. The theme of mental or physical disability, the consequent exclusion and other problems people have to face due to it were to be highlighted.

Despite the time limit, people took their time to frame out their stories, and then immediately got writing. Surveying around, it was found that people were almost equally divided with respect to their choice of topic. A person even wrote away furiously in Hindi instead of the standard English. Despite the fact that the organisers said that the theme could be covered in any form, almost everyone went for prose.  

The turnout was quite small- only 12 people showed up to exercise their creative muscles. But, in my opinion, that turned this event into something more personal and cosy, and allowed those writing for the competition a more relaxed environment. So I believe that it was yet another successful event of the Mental Health Awareness Week, and I eagerly await the results and wish to see what all people have written down. 
Niharika Rawat


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