MHAW: The Turncoat Debate          

The third day of the ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ had a series of three different competitions of which the Turncoat Debate was one. It was a variety of Debate where the same participant argues both for and against the topic assigned to him/her within a given time limit. The competition was centered around the theme of “Mental health and Physical Disability”. True to the week’s agenda the topics assigned to the participants were of various pressing but unspoken issues in the field of Mental Health and Physical Disability like, “Corporal Punishment of children: Disciplining or damaging?”; “Abortion of physically or mentally impaired fetuses: Ethical concerns VS Reality in Life” and “Corporate Social responsibility and Body Image issues: Should plus size Barbie dolls be manufactured?” to list a few.  The event apart from being a competition aimed at initiating a conversation around these and more other similar issues and subsequently hoped to create awareness about the same. The competition saw participants from Hindu, Satyawati and Dyal Singh College apart from LSR. It was judged by In- House Professors, Dr. Megha Dhillon from the Department of Psychology and Dr. Saswati Bhattacharya from the Department of Sociology. Ms. Apoorva Pandey of LSR emerged the winner and the runner up was Mr. Devarnav Sharma from  Hindu College. The competition was open to all departments and a good lot of the participants were from Departments other than Psychology like English, Political Science and Sociology. Interestingly enough their arguments threw insight into very different underpinnings and thought processes, something that wouldn’t have come about if the event was open only for the students of the discipline. Towards the end Dr. Saswati provided a set of concluding remarks and  it was very thoughtful of her  to give an overall review to the participants about the mechanisms of Debating and ways to hone their skills. The event came to a closure after about an hour and a half of Debating an enlightening. 


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