MHAW: Psychology Quiz

The quiz was conducted on 19th of October, 2016 in room 28 on the topic of ‘Perspectives in Psychology’. The quiz started out with a preliminary round with 10 questions and 10 participating teams of 2-3 members. The participants were from Lady Sri Ram College, Jesus and Mary College and Jamia Milia Islamia. The Quiz master for the competition was Mitakshara. 

6 teams made it to the next stage, which consisted of 5 rounds.  The first round comprised of a question that was posed to each team, second round was a visual round, third had 9 fields of psychology and each team had to choose one field and answer a question related to it, fourth round was on Indian Psychology and the last round comprised of videos. 

After tackling all the tricky questions, Tarang, Akshita and Dhriti of second year won the completion with Tanya Dutta, Anusheela Ghosh and Tanzin Dolam secured the second place. All the aforementioned students are from Lady Sri Ram College.

The quiz was informative and entertaining. The competition went by smoothly and the participant’s enthusiasm was inspiring. The questions asked were the right amount of tricky that made the choices of the participants difficult. As a member of the audience, there was much to learn and we left with a sense of having something accomplished—a better knowledge of the subject of Psychology. 
Tejasvini Kumar


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