MHAW: Art Competition

​As part of the Mental Health Awareness Week, the psychology department conducted an art competition. The competition which was held in the Exhibition Hall aimed at getting people to express their views related to mental health. There were eight participants who created exceptional works of art without using pencils, erasers and scales. They were given two themes on the spot- ‘Stigmas for life’ and ‘Through our lens’. They were asked to use mixed media and were to give a caption or title to their piece. They were further asked to give an explanation for their work.

The competition which lasted for little over an hour, began at 4:30 pm with all of these talented participants’ minds bubbling with colours and ideas that they later transferred to the canvas. There were many different images that resulted from this, ranging from hands to faces. Each participant presented a unique view of the topics given to them. Someone viewed it from a rape survivor’s perspective while another wrote about how brain scans of mentally ill people should be looked at as beautiful and not just as brain of someone with a mental disorder. Another trend of thought among participants was that of stigmas being self-accepted. A participant even compared stigma to tattoos. Through this and the other events, the department is trying to get people to rethink and question the stereotypes they might have. The art competition did a good job at getting all the participants to think about the issue and express their views on the same. This was evident when they explained their artwork and title. 

The competition was judged by Dr Priti Dhawan, HOD, Department of Psychology; Mr Jonathan Koshy Varghese, Assistant Professor, Department of English, and Ms Siksha Deepak, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology. The results are yet to be announced. 

Dr Priti Dhawan was given a card and a Bamboo Sapling as a token of gratitude. Each participant was given a letter of participation. The competition ended in good spirit with each one present there taking back a new thought about stigma to ponder upon and a view to be challenged or questions to be answered. 
Akshita Negi


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