Session on Enhancing Interpersonal Relationship

​An interactive session with Ms. Shivani Misri Sadhoo, Counselor Psychologist and founder of the Saarthi Counseling Services was held on 6th October at the college, organized by the Psychology Department.

The session took up the topic of Interpersonal Relationships in adolescence, talking about what forms interpersonal relationships, and why they are particularly important in teenage years. The changes taking place in a teenager’s mind and body makes them scared, confused and prone to mood swings; and the added pressure of academics, peer comparison and familial difficulties can all take a toll on them. Thus, having strong personal bonds with friends, family and peers is very important in adolescence, and is beneficial to their mental and physical health, as they have someone to support them, guide them and help them with their emotional turmoil. 

The meaning and types of interpersonal relationships were discussed, as well as their significance in an adolescent’s life. Consequences poor relationships were highlighted which included depression, drug abuse, weight problems and mental health problems. 

An adolescent’s relationship with their parents is particularly difficult, and it was discussed in detail, including how one should give up measures such as screaming, protesting or criticizing in the favor of expressing oneself and one’s problems clearly, understanding their perspective, and giving them the time to understand the problem. The importance of having healthy relationship with one’s friends and peers and its benefits (better decision making, problem solving, empathy and autonomy) were also talked about. The importance of giving time, putting effort, acceptance, and listening into the relationship was highlighted. 

The 5 killers of any relationship- casual attitude, unsolicited advice, ‘my’ examples, preaching and shouting were revealed, as well as some basic tips to establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships. 

The session was constantly punctuated by honest opinions and facts by the students about their own interpersonal relationships and their thoughts and feelings on them, which was easily the best part of the session. Ma’am ended the session by taking a few questions from the students about their problems and provided tips and advice to them. 

While the session was short of time and not the most engrossing, it did provide some valuable information and advice from an expert source. These knowledge and tips, though not very well presented, did enhance the students’ awareness of a very relevant topic. 

 Still, it felt more like a lecture session with a teacher more interest in checking our knowledge of facts than a session aimed at raising our level of awareness. 
Niharika Rawat


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