Understanding the Scope of Psychology

4th october 2016 proved very fruitful for the Psychology Department of LSR, as it  got a golden opportunity to learn as well as interact with Heena Vaid (MA in Psychoclinical studies) currently working in the Public Health Care sector. Begining with what is HEALTH in general & MENTAL HEALTH in particular, she went through actions and functions that are taken in the public health care sector, that are mentioned below.

*Research –in various fields like prevalence of mental disorders,effects ,services & prevention 
*Policy–basically integrating mental health services to general health services eg.NMHP, DMHP, Mental health laws etc.
* Stigma reduction / public awareness —-through education, compaigns (by posters, advertisements), increasing public & professional awareness 
*Resources — developing human resources, capacity building to develop leaders through training etc. 
* Prevention & promotion — upgrade to quality mental health services 

The most interesting part of the session was when she discusses about Career in Public health sector. Some of the options mentioned were –
* Masters in public health (she indicated Manipal University )
*Leadership course in mental health 
* Diploma in mental health ,human rights & laws Provided  byILS( PUNE) are available for interested one’s.

She also pointed out the key figures active in the area of mental health like –Vikram patel, Ratna Boli Ray, Shekhar Saxena, Bhargavi Davar, Sanjeev Jain along with the various NGOs like –Banyan, Scarf, Anjali, Manas, Bapu Trust, PHFI and so on.

She gave advice for the  people interested in this area, suggesting them to go &  search for internships in the above given NGOs, follow the above given people on social media & try to interact with them assuring that they are apporachable, go to related websites and read the publications related to mental health.

Overall it was a nicely managed session with the audience comprising of mainly Psychology students accompanied by some of the staff including Dr. Parul Bansal ma’am, Dr. Bhavana Devi ma’am, Dr. Megha Dhillon ma’am; with everyone appreciating the it.

Divya Singh Yadav


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