Peer Support Program

Date: 27th September 2016.
Time: 10:45-1:00
Venue: Auditorium 

The Peer Support Program has been developed by the Psychology Department of the college for students who need help with any issue that they may be dealing with—-stress, peer pressure, conflict, home sickness, adjustment problems, relationship problems, academic difficulties and so on. Resolving these problems, according to the program, will help not only with adjustment in college but also increase one’s inner effectiveness. 

The following topics were covered in the assembly: The program stands on three pillars, which are, extend, express and empower; you extend a hand seeking support and the Peer Support Program takes your hand and helps you, you express yourself and anything that you are dealing with and the program not only helps you deal with it but also empowers you. 

It consists of 2nd and 3rd year Psychology students who are trained by faculty members in effective learning and communication so that they are sensitive to the problems of the students and able to help deal with them effectively. 

The initiative strongly stands for confidentiality, anonymity as well as where and how to encourage referral to a professional support group. Whatever is discussed with a peer supporter will not be shared with any student, faculty member or even another peer supporter. They will exercise complete discretion in such matters. The program stands by its code of ethics strongly. 

It was started to encourage each other, form a better 7 amongst students and make every student feel at ease with themselves. Also, this program hopes to use this platform to reflect on issues that students deal with, whether in college or outside. 

Dr. Preeti Dhawan, Head Of Department (Psychology) addressed the students at the end of the session and said, “This program was facilitated and initiated by the department to help students reach the effectiveness within them and also to extend, express and empower students.” 
Tejasvini Kumar


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