Of Dreams and of the Future; A Talk by Devika Gupta

College is a time that everyone is excited about. After all, it is a year’s hard work that got us admitted to our dream colleges. However, everyone faces a crucial question during their under graduation. WHAT NEXT? It’s confusing and scary. But it needs to be figured out sooner or later. To enlighten us about this phase of life and to guide us as to what to do when faced with such a situation the Psychology Department of Lady Shri Ram College organised an interactive session with Miss Devika Gupta, an alumina of our college on 14th September 2016.

     Devika, at first loathed psychology. She had no intentions of going into the field and was very confused about her next step in life. Little did she know that later on she would actually fall in love with the discipline and that she would enjoy doing it. Though, on the verge of pursuing economics, she took admission in Psychology at LSR despite clearing the cut off at SRCC.  In her first two years, she still didn’t develop her love for the subject, didn’t volunteer for any internships and shut herself from other activities and still wondered what she was actually doing with her life? She was completely overwhelmed by the competitive spirit she observed in LSR. It was only in the third year, after doing an internship at the Max Hospital did she realise that perhaps psychology is her thing and that she must go into it further. After completing her under graduation she was not really interested in doing jobs or going for placements as she felt she should go deeper into the subject. However, she started working with a developmental organisation, in Bihar; still sceptical, if psychology is what she really wanted to do. Unfortunately, after about 6 months the organisation took a different turn and she came back to Delhi. She then started working with a start up. Now, pursuing her Masters, she loves what she had done and is satisfied with what she is to do. She proudly says that taking psychology was the  best decision ever! One thing that she learnt from her experience was to follow her dreams and listen to her heart. According to her; something which I completely agree upon; our performance in college and the marks that we get are a very minuscule part of what the world expects from us. It is our attitudes, interests, our confidence in ourselves that matters the most and will eventually determine our success. 

 It was indeed a delight having Devika didi back in the college. Her pearls of wisdom will surely help us in every step that we take. Her journey and her struggles are testimony to the fact that we need to work hard towards our goals and that nothing is impossible and to keep the faith high in ourselves! 
Submitted by 
Tanya Aggarwal

Editted by 
Mitakshara Medhi
Photo Courtesy
Abhilasha Mansata


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