Apni bhi who hasti thi
Baarish kaa paani tha, kaagaj ki kashti thi
Roshni thi sapno ki udaan mein,
Chhoti chhoti shararton mein bhi kya masti thi!

The Book, Reading and Documentary Club of the Psychology Department, in collaboration with Abhivyakti, organized an informal Hindi poetry appreciation session on 8th of September, 2016. The idea was to create comfortable space to not only share poetry, but also to things that we hold onto to. Each presentation was followed by comments and discussion, where people came up with their own stories related to the theme. The themes for the poems included childhood, language and how English is still given so much important over every other ones, child marriage, life and so much. From spine chilling poetry about rape, to a grandmother’s experience of the Partition and its trauma, the discussion was enriching, full of compassion, understanding and empathy.

What was beautiful about the event was that people opened up about their experiences. There was a piece about how a girl felt her identity getting lost after joining LSR, because of all the talents around her, to which the seniors added their own experience and how this was so common upon joining the institute. Then there were discussions about poverty and all the social evils like child marriage, and how so many people knew of someone forced into, about dowry murders and the people suffering through the violence. People also went on to discuss about the concept of “beauty” and the difficulties of people who were not only ‘conventionally’ not “pretty” but also of those considered “attractive”.  There was an open flow of emotions without judgments, almost as if years of repressed emotions have somehow found an outlet in beautiful verses and amongst beautiful people.

All in all, it was not only the poetry that touched hearts, but also the stories. It was a relaxed afternoon where people poured out their hearts through the words; in the correct sense of the phrase – “Lafson ke Saath Rubaroo”.

Contributed by 
Tanya Dutta
Dakshita Sabharwal

Collated by 

Mitakshara Medhi


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