Positive Psychology in Action! – Case Study Competition “Positive Psychotherapy”

It is said that Positive Psychology is founded on the belief that people want to live meaningful and fulfilling lives and enhance their experiences of love, work, and play. The Positive Psychology Symposium conducted by the Department of Psychology in Lady Shri Ram College absolutely exemplified this definition of Positive Psychology by engaging with the concept, its scope and dimensions to the fullest extent possible.  Apart from the loads of amazing and interesting events the Symposium held, the one event that involved and engaged in the live action of Positive Psychology was the Case Study Competition held in the Upper seminar Room on Day 2. The competition required the participants to formulate a suitable therapeutic treatment plan for the cases allotted to them, on the basis of the principles of Positive Psychology.  The competition had four competing teams from Kamala Nehru College, Jesus and Mary College, Mata Sundari College and Lady Shri Ram College, who were actually shortlisted for the final presentation after a preliminary round. Dr. Pooja V. Anand from Daulat Ram College, DU and Dr. Pamyaphy from LSR, DU were the judges. Both of them have extensive knowledge and hands-on practice in the field of Psychology and especially in Positive Psychology.  It was a session of immense knowledge acquisition and was a valuable experience with loads of benefits, not only with respect to learning but also with respect to the ability to bring about changes in one’s own life. Each of the teams were given a case that involved a disorder and the participants came up with beautifully constructed plans covering the subject in all 360 degrees. Each team presented their plan for 15 minutes and the interesting methods they used to present it were remarkable. To mention a few, the participants from JMC, in their presentation had an audio clipping depicting the entire process of counseling.  Also, the participants from LSR had put in a video clip from a TED Talk to imply the underlying importance of Positive Psychology in treating individuals.  Every presentation was followed by a round of questions from the judges. Further, what was also very unique of the event was that, after all teams had presented, the floor was open to questions, suggestions, feedbacks, clarifications and appreciations for all the participants and the audience. This feature shifted the focus from the competition in itself to a broader and greater purpose i.e., to understand and delve in the concepts of Positive Psychology; it in fact elevated the nature of the whole event and successfully fulfilled the purpose of the Symposium. The participants were evaluated on various criterions such as, content of the ppt, the relevance to the constructs in Positive Psychology, the way of presentation, the way of answering to the questions, etc. The event took place for about an hour and a half; after which the winners were disclosed and the certificates for all the participants were distributed. Being a part of LSR, I take immense pleasure to mention here that the five member team from LSR comprising of Avleen, Dhriti, Mohana, Tarang and Unnati won the competition. The team members said that it was indeed a very unique learning experience for them and that they had found a lot of techniques, one of them being Mindfulness Technique which actually can be put to use in their own lives. In fact, it was an event that complemented and completed the entire symposium with meaning and purpose.

Martin Seligman, the Father of Positive Psychology said, “The aim of Positive Psychology is to catalyze a change in Psychology, from a pre occupation only with repairing the worst things in life to also building the best qualities in life”. The event with Positive Psychology at its heart successfully brought about this awareness in all individuals who attended it.

Reported By – Mohana Bharathi. M

Photo Credits – Akshita Negi

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