Closing Ceremony – “Noora” A Cultural Performance

A beautiful ending to a series of events. Our department’s brainchild, the hard work of so many students and teachers finally concluded with NOORA- A cultural performance by students of the Department of Psychology, LSR. 

It began with an impromptu performance by the duo- Kartikey and Ananta, who enchanted us with their exemplary classical singing and flute music. Kartikey included beat boxing in his flute piece that left the auditorium in a storm of applause.

Finally the lights dimmed and the sunset shades took over the stage , revealing a beautiful Kucchipudi figure. The recitation and song “kyo na” depicted HOPE which was portrayed by a first year Katthak and Bharatnatyam duo.

This was followed by the reflection of RESILIENCE on a freestyle contemporary and mime performance. It taught us how situations try to hamper a person’s well-being, and how in turn we can affect situations to mold it our own way.

Ghungaroos resonated as once again the classical dancers skimmed through the stage and created an aura of  COURAGE by their intricate moves. It moved towards a fusion blend on the notes of “koshish karne walon ki kabhi haar nahi hoti”, ” bano apne jeevan ke tum kalakaar”.

The performance concluded with a grand finale on the theme of HAPPINESS and CELEBRATION, on the empowering lyrics “tu dhoop hai jham se bikhar… Teri to manzil hai vahi”. The mix of emotions left everyone in a trance and the dancers received a standing ovation by the entire audience.

The final vote of thanks included heartfelt messages by the backbones of the symposium, Dr Megha and Dr Bhawana, along with the student union of the psychology department, Kanishka, Manveen and Aarti. They expressed their gratitude towards everyone who was a part of this two-day long journey of positivity, and recounted all the goodness that we take back from it. The student body stood up and appreciated the tremendous effort put in with a round of applause, and looked forward to another enriching experience brought to them by the Department of Psychology of Lady Shri Ram College.

Reported By – Apoorva Gupta

Photo Credits – Harshita Bajaj

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