National Paper Presentation Competition 2016

Research is the life line of Psychology and we at LSR remain ever mindful of its significance for the growth of the discipline. It was therefore with great excitement that the Department of Psychology organized its Third National Paper Presentation Competition, as a part of the Positive Psychology Symposium. The event was held in the New Conference Hall on the 19th of February, 2016, and had an excellent turnout.

The event, organized by the Editorial Board, received an overwhelming response to their invitation for research papers relating to the field of psychology, and all the entries went through an external review process, after which six entries were selected. These six entries were then presented by the participants on the date of the event, and were judged on the basis of Originality, Quality of Argument and Relevance, Methodology and Quality of Writing. We were thrilled to have Ms. Khushbeen Sohi and Ms. Nivida Chandra judge this event, both of whom are doctoral scholars in different fields of psychology and have extensive experience in research.

All the selected teams presented their papers, and were asked questions on it by the judges. After the presentations were over, the floor was opened to the audience for questions. There was also one additional presentation of a research paper that had been undertaken by a few students and faculty members of the Department of Psychology. The judges gave all the teams very insightful input, as well as some guidance on how to improve their papers or to take them further. Nandita and Shikha of Kamala Nehru College were declared the winners of the competition, with their paper titled “Bride and Prejudice: Does the Skin Colour matter in Arranged Indian Marriages?” The runner up was Shivangi Anil from Lady Shri Ram College with her paper titled “Social Life and Disability”.  All the papers were very well received and the audience was engaged and interested in the event as was seen from the enthusiastic participation during the question-answer session with the participants. All participants were presented with a Certificate of Participation, and all the selected entries will be published in our externally peer-reviewed journal, The Learning Curve. Overall, the event was an immense success, and we look forward to having more such paper presentation competitions in the future, which gives students of psychology a platform to share their research work with their peer community.

Reported By: Abhilasha Mansata

Photo Credits: Archisha Bhattacharjee & Vanshita Sharma

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