Modernization & Intimate Partner Relationship: A Student Panel Discussion

A student panel discussion was held on the 19th of February, 2016, as  one of the events under a two day fest,  the Positive Psychology Symposium organised by the Department of Psychology of Lady Shri Ram College For Women. The panel discussion took place in the New Conference Hall of the Lady Shri Ram College For Women and was held from 2:30pm to 4pm. The topic for the discussion was ‘The Impact Of Modernization on Intimate Partner Relationship & The Role Of Positive Psychology’. The discussion was being moderated by Dr. Kanika Ahuja. Dr. Ahuja is an Associate Professor, of the Department of Psychology, of Lady Shri Ram College For Women. She specializes in Organisational Behavior. Her other areas of interest are Social Psychology and Psychometry. The panelists for the discussion were students of different departments of Lady Shri Ram College For Women. The five panelists were Drishti Mendiratta, a second year student of the department of Sociology, Sana Jamal, Vaidehi Mishra, Mitakshara Medhi, all of them from  the second year of the department of Psychology and Bhavna Mehrotra, a third year student of the department of Psychology.

The event was attended by the faculty members as well as the Head of the Department of the department of Psychology, Dr. Priti Dhawan and students. The event started with the welcoming of the moderator, the faculty members, the student panelists and the audience for their presence. This was followed by an introduction of the topic of the discussion, and the introduction of the moderator and the panelists by the Treasurer of the department, Manveen Kaur. The mikes were then handed over to Dr. Ahuja to set the stage for the discussion to begin. She introduced the topic and talked about the probable impacts of modernization on intimate partner relationships and what role does positive psychology play in this. She also outlined the proceedings of the discussion telling briefly which subtopic of the impact of modernization would be covered by the respective panelists. The discussion started with Dhriti Mendiratta speaking first about what modernization actually means and the change in the gender roles as an impact of modernization. Followed by this, another panelist, Sana Jamal spoke about the so called changing ways to express love for our loved ones through social media, the increase in number of divorces in modern society, and the emerging concept of individuality and more personal choices in modern times. She concluded by saying that modernization can be both a boon or a curse for our relationships, its just that how we let it impact us. The third speaker in the panel was Vaidehi Mishra who spoke about the role of Facebook and the impact it has on our relationships. Mitakshara Medhi and Bhavna Mehrotra spoke of the emerging concepts of dating apps, virtual girlfriend, mail order bride and sexuality respectively, and their impacts on intimate partner relationship.

The audience seemed to be enjoying the discussion and were  quite enthusiastic throughout the event. After all the panelists finished speaking, the floor was left open for the audience to add comments and ask questions. Several students from the audience asked questions about the role of positive psychology in impact of modernization in intimate partner relationships, and also reflected on the topic. The questions were well answered by the panelists and the moderator. The session came to an end with a concluding note by Dr. Ahuja. She was then given a thank you card as a token of love and appreciation, by the department treasurer. Later, the panelist and audience were thanked for making the panel discussion a successful event.

Reported By: Sana Jamal

Photo Credits: Harshita Bajaj & Fiza Fatima

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