“Mind It!”- Short Film Making Competition

As a part of the Positive Psychology Symposium, the Department of Psychology had organised a Short Film Making Competition – “Mind It!” which revolved around various themes such as “I am not what happened to me, I am what I chose to become”, “She stood in the storm and when the wind did not blow her away, she adjusted her sails” and “Hope is the anchor for the soul”. Participants from various colleges around the city put their best foot forward and after thorough deliberation by the Interim committee for the event, shortlisted four films which ranged from a plethora of topics such as the life of a transgender woman or a roadside seller to the kind of techniques used such as Film Noir or harnessing the use of comedy to convey a message. All the short films were viewed in a random order and judged by Dr. Bindu and Dr. Deepali, faculty of LSR and Kamla Nehru respectively. The films were received well by the audience. Towards the end of the screening there was a very interactive session between the participants and the judges where each responded to one another’s queries enthusiastically and with a kind of zeal, which encouraged positivity among all of us, adhering to the basic idea behind our event. The film “CHOICE” by TechRetards won the first position and were presented with a trophy and the judges with a token of appreciation. Dr Bindu had very encouraging words to conclude the event with, by stating that it was a real delight for her to see young minds making such well made films and how everyone present should continue to inspire people with their work through the medium of motion pictures.

Reported By – Archisha Bhattacharjee

Photo Credits – Akshita Negi

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