Coursera Course on “Psychology of Popularity”

The Book, Documentary and Reading Club of the Department of Psychology conducted its first Coursera session on the course of “Psychology of Popularity” on January 7th, 2016 (Thursday) in Lab 2 of the Psychology Department during the Special Assembly.

Students from the Department of Psychology as well as other departments like English, History, B.El.Ed. turned up to attend the session in large numbers. The session started by thanking everyone for their presence by the members of the BDR club and introducing the rules and agenda for the upcoming sessions.

The session was also joined by two of the faculty members of the Department of Psychology, Dr. Megha Dhillon and Dr. Bhawna Devi.

One of the videos of the Coursera course was screened to give a brief insight about what the course revolves around. This was followed by a healthy and enthusiastic discussion by Dr. Megha and all the students present there to attend the session. She talked about Popularity, what it means to us, how and why is it important to be popular, the different biases that could contribute to our perception of being popular or not and so on. The students actively participated in the discussion and talked about how popularity is affecting their lives as an adult.

Towards the end, the students were thanked for their active participation and were informed about the next session of the course being held on the following Tuesday.

Reported By – Sana Jamal


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