Intellectual and Learning Disabilities – A Workshop By Dr. Renu Narchal

A workshop on intellectual and learning disabilities was conducted on the 2nd of November in the lower seminar room by Dr Renu Narchal from Western Sydney University Australia. Dr Renu was accompanied by a team of 19 students with two faculty members.

The workshop started at 10:45 in the morning and was finished by 4:30 in the evening. Dr Narchal introduced the students to the topic of disability and then gave us the task to prepare a presentation on a topic in relation to disability.

The students were divided into teams of five each and were instructed to decide what topic they would be presenting on.

After three hours of brainstorming, the teams showcased their presentations. Although each team had a time frame of 8 minutes to present their slide-shows, many of them crossed the time limit considering the interest with which they presented it and the attentiveness with which people were listening to them. The presentations were all, very engaging and discussion with the audience made them even more captivating.

The topics ranged across attachment styles and disability, education and employment for intellectually disabled, media’s influence on our perception of the intellectually disabled, empowerment for the intellectually disabled and violence and abuse faced by the intellectually disabled. Most of the Australian students spoke about their experiences with the children and adults they were working with in the NGO “Muskaan” and were very delighted to do so.

Apart from these topics, many questions were highlighted which made us ponder upon the use of specific terminologies and also our notions of “normal,” “us” and “them”.

Not only the workshop very interactive, creative and recreative it also enlightened us with various concepts and contrasts that can be seen between India and Australia, with respect to the intellectually disabled, how they are cared for, what services are available to them and how the common masses aid in the betterment of their lives.

The session was enjoyed by all the students and faculty members. It was indeed very informative and the department looks forward to more such sessions.

Reported By – Kudrat Kashyap

Photo Credits – Vanshita Sharma



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