Talk With Dr. S.K. Khandelwal

Today we were joined by Dr. S.K. Khandelwal in Lab 2 of Department of Psychology of LSR. Dr. S.K. Khandelwal is an Associate Professor of Psychiatry at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi. He is the past President of the Indian Psychiatric Society (North Zone) and the Delhi Psychiatric Society. He has been the only Indian Psychiatrist as part of an international team to study behavioral effects in Antarctica. Besides working in India, he has wide experience of teaching and practising psychiatry in different cultural settings in Ethiopia, Nepal and England.

Right from his first question, (“What do you understand by the term ‘drug’?”) to his anecdotal stories about substance abuse and dependency, Dr. Khandelwal, entertained and educated the students who attended the talk. He described the history and politics behind drug usage in India and explained how and why substance dependency is rightfully a medical disorder. Our principal, Dr. Suman Sharma also joined with the department for an eventful and enlightening talk.

Reported By: Tanvi Chatterjee

Photo Credits: Disha Kanojia

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