Freedom. We Want Freedom.

Freedom in today’s generation, although present in every corner of the space, comes at a huge cost. But till today there are places where sense of freedom is hugely overrated. The cries of help and freedom of the people of Jammu and Kashmir although very loud, cannot be heard.

The film screened “ Blood leaves its trail ” by the very talented and artistic Iffat Fatima, was a documentary based on the conditions of the people of Jammu and Kashmir and the violence displayed by the army-men. The main agenda of issue was the missing people from the villages in and around JNK which has been a witness to kidnapping, extortion, mutilation and disappearance of 2436 people in the past 10 years alone. The documentary gave us a glimpse of the pain and the suffering the families living in such a conflict ridden place undergo. Thousands of families claim kidnapping of their loved ones, their husband and sons by the government organizations such as the armed forces and BSF. The documentary enlightened us with a very different and undiscovered perspectives and truths of the lives of these people who live in the continuous uncertainty of waiting for their loved ones who disappeared. It is a struggle for justice and humanity where the only causalities are the poor confused people of Jammu and Kashmir.

The film had a great emotional and inspiring sentiment to it which brought lumps to our throats. At the same time the film, in my opinion, wasn’t very successful in showing the overall picture of the story, bringing about a bias against the army. One of the villagers who disappeared, as shown in the film was a militant giving the army much room for doubt. The movie screening was followed by an informal discussion where we the students were given the opportunity to interact with the director of the film and share our opinions on the same. The technicalities of film making and the struggles that they have to undergo in this difficult journey of trying to capture difficult emotions were also debated. It was a boundless opportunity for the many students interested in film making for them to learn and study from the expert herself! As a psychology student, the documentary also taught us the multi-laterality of an issue so complex and intricate such as the aggression and violence displayed by our protectors.

The whole experience was an eye opening opportunity for us to be aware, understand and empathize to the cause of the sufferings of the people of Jammu and Kashmir. It made us realize the value of human life and how much for granted we take our freedom. It is for us to realize that equality and liberation does not exist everywhere and it is for us to do something about it.

Reported By: Divyanshi Pandey


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