Talk By Dr. Anjali Bhatia on Research Methodology

As promised by the Psychology Department, the talk held by Dr. Anjali Bhatia from the Sociology Department, was a talk worth attending. Held in the Lab 2 of the Psychology Department of Lady Shri Ram College, at 11:45pm, Thursday (15th Oct, 2015), it inspired the students of the psychology and sociology department to take a different outlook towards “research”.

Dr. Anjali Bhatia was introduced by Dr. Priti Dhawan as a “wonderful human being”, and ma’am requested us to absorb each and every word of what Anjali ma’am said, as each word would be having its deep implications. Indeed, the talk forced us to think of research in terms that we had never thought!

Anjali ma’am started with the basics of research. Telling us about the ontological and epistemological questions related to research, she reflected upon the question of what is real, and is reality objective or constructive. All along she highlighted the importance of curiosity, and how somewhere along the line the process of schooling has actually killed our curiosity, and at this point how important it is for all of us to rekindle that curiosity and for us to ask the question “ how do we know what we know!”

She went on further discussing her research with us, which was based on the topic “methodology of food”. Through the illustrations of her own sketches and pictures, she went on explaining how she arrived upon this basic idea of research. She was much intrigued about the craze all over India regarding the chain of McDonald’s which had opened in the late 1900s. Her entire research was based on exploring how “food is not only about food; it is a lot more than that!” Her intensive research on this topic, her sitting in restaurants for ages, her attending a training program to become an employee at the McDonald’s, were few of the challenges she had to face during her research.

Her session was followed by a huge round of applause and a question-answer session, where the students further engaged with ma’am. In the end, the President of the Department Student Union, Kanishka thanked ma’am for taking out time from her busy schedule, and for telling us a detailed perspectives about her own research.

Reported By- Anjna Dahiya

Photo Credits: Archisha Bhattarcharjee and Fiza Fatima

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