Crisis Intervention Workshop By Dr. Amit Sen


As a part of Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) 2015, the Department of Psychology organized a workshop on ‘Crisis Intervention in Child & Adolescent Mental Health’ on 19th September (Saturday) from 9.15-11.30 am. The session was conducted by Dr. Amit Sen, Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist & Director at Children First. The audience also included students from I.P. College.

The speaker held the audience captive with his style of speaking and engaged everyone with an interest to understand more about the topic under discussion.

The session started with Dr Amit asking us a basic question, “What is crisis?” and the floor was open to discussion with varied responses from the audience, “numb” being a dominant emotion that was expressed. He then moved on in his presentation to asking us about what intervention means to us. The audience was sensitized with the issue of post-event trauma and how to approach the people who have suffered from trauma, whether the event is a natural disaster, bereavement or a failure of any kind.

Dr Amit gave us two examples describing how trauma affects people and their daily life. The first one was about a girl who lived with her mother and to brothers under the protection of a man (not their father) who sexually assaulted her and her brothers and how this event affected her studies and eventually led to her being withdrawn from studies and school activities. The girl was then helped by Dr Amit’s NGO and so were the boys to help them cope with the trauma that affected their delicate lives at their tender age.

The second example was about a boy who had run away from his house and refused to go back on the account of being maltreated and abused by his uncle. The audience was also explained by another example that childhood trauma can surface in the later stages of life with no signs of it during the course of life till they don’t show up. Individuals who were sexually assaulted in their childhood are a prototypical example of this case.

The speaker also gave an insight into how to approach people who have recently been struck by a natural disaster and how to empathize with them to understand their emotional state and draw a picture of their psychological state as well. A symbiotic relationship was formed between the audience and the speaker because of his stimulating presentation. Also as the audience strength was enough to keep the atmosphere of the workshop alive and burgeoning. Pursuant to the proverb “a stitch in time saves nine” Dr Amit stressed upon the fact that when the intervention is done is a crucial step in the whole process of crisis intervention.The workshop achieved its aim of educating the audience on this sensitive topic with a rather imposing and intense message which said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”.

Reported By – Kudrat Kashyap

Photo Credits: Vanshita Sharma

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