MHAW Assembly – Department of Psychology and WUS

Continuing with the Mental Health Awareness Week ’15 , the Department of Psychology and the World University Service (WUS) presented an Assembly on 18th September’15 in the Auditorium.  The assembly started by quoting the lines of Antony Storr, “I want to show that the diving lines between sanity and mental illness have been drawn in the wrong place.” Carrying the theme of mental health awareness forward, a video, prepared by the students of WUS was shown. The video tapped the replies of the students in the college premises when their opinions were asked through several questions like what is mental illness, what comes first to their mind when you hear mental illness etc. The responses of the students varied from saying things like Mental illness hmm…“feeling of misery”, “sign of society at fault”, “taboo in all cultures”, “lot of stigma attached”, “should go to the psychiatrist”, “going to psychiatrist does not help, talk to close ones”, “not show pity, but accept such people” etc.

After the insightful video, Vaishali, a third year student recited an inspiring self composed poem, titled ‘tumhaari kahaani yahaan khatam nahi hoti…’, revolving around the theme, representing a voice to keep going even after so much of struggle in a life of a person. This was followed by the recitation of a poem titled, ‘Inside Out’ by Ayushi, a second year student . The poem is originally written by Angie Flores and beautifully expresses the anxieties of a person who is very different within, from what the world sees her to be.

Finally, the assembly ended by the address by Dr. Priti Dhawan, the bursar of the college and HOD of the Department of Psychology. She thanked WUS for such an insightful presentation and  spoke how these sensitive issues like Mental illness need to be deeply pondered upon and discussed and talked about.

Reported By – Sana Jamal


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