Movie Screening : “My Sister’s Keeper”

Keeping in mind the essence of spreading awareness among the students, the fourth event of the Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) was something different from the series of events happening, as it involved a screening, of an award winning movie, “My Sister’s Keeper”, which is based Jodi Picoult’s novel. This was organised by the Department of Psychology in association with the World University Service, LSR.

The auditorium was full of curious voices, wanting to watch this movie. There were so many new faces to be seen, because each one of us had brought a friend of ours, keeping in mind the initiative of ‘bring a friend.’ The excitement was clearly visible, and once the movie started, everyone was completely engrossed in it.

The movie, told us the story of one family devastated by their child’s battle with acute promyelocytic leukaemia, an extremely aggressive form of cancer. Through this theme, it aimed to explore the psychological consequences of wrenching incidents and decisions, and it dealt with how the ethics of medicine, law, and society come into conflict with one another. It also highlighted a range of morally complex issues, from the ethics of genetic engineering, to the right of terminally-ill patients to elect to die, to a minor’s right to control her own body. In the movie these conflicts were distilled to their most controversial aspects, which placed all of us in the midst of them, and challenged us to confront our own preconceptions about the subject.

The entire theme of the movie was also related to the branch of  Psycho-oncology: which is the field of interdisciplinary study and practice at the intersection of lifestyle, psychology and oncology. It is concerned with aspects of cancer that go beyond medical treatment and include lifestyle, psychological and social aspects of cancer. This field is concerned both with the effects of cancer on a person’s psychological health as well as the social and behavioral factors that may affect the disease process of cancer. The movie also helped us to understand this field better, by realizing in depth the complexities that revolve around with dealing with cancer, both in the psychological and social world.

The screening ended with the treasurer of the psychology department, Manveen, coming up and urging the audience to accept the people who are diagnosed with all forms of illness and to strive together as one to remove the stigma associated with all forms of illness.

Reported By – Anjna Dahiya

Photo Credits: Vanshita Sharma

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