Survey Results

The Psychology Department of Lady Shri Ram College for Women has consistently endeavoured to spread awareness about mental health among the student population through creative mediums during its annual event, Mental health Awareness Week, in order to eradicate the stigma around it and create a sensitive environment. To take this legacy forward and to expand the scope of this venture, the students felt it was imperative to primarily assess the prevalent attitudes towards mental health, towards people diagnosed with clinical disorders and seeking professional psychological help. For this purpose, miscellaneous people were asked specific questions such as “Would you seek professional help to cope with a psychological problem?” and a large number of people were invited to fill up an on-line survey. The results of this survey and those concise interviews were shared with the student population of L.S.R. during the Assembly on 16th September 2015 by the Treasurer of the Department: Manveen; with an intention of informing them regarding the varying opinions of people around them to foster the discourse around mental health and offer them something to ponder upon while they attempted to fathom the complexity that is mental health.

Reported By: Aishwariya Bajaj

Photo Credits: Parul Rajwanshi

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The following are links to the presentation that contains the results of that survey as well as, a survey video made for the same. Feel free to go through it.

Survey Results

Fight Stigma. Stop Stereotyping


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