Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) Opening Ceremony

Have you ever wondered why any aberration related to the body is called as ‘illness’ but the same when it comes to the mind, is called ‘disorder’ or ‘abnormality’?  You might have gone to a professional who’s specialized in the field to get treated for your bodily anomaly; but have you even thought of seeking the help of anybody, let alone specialized professionals for a state of mental discomfort like high anxiety, fear, lack of confidence, etc?  Well, what is it that prevents us? I’m pretty sure most of you reading this might know the answer but are just not articulating it! Yes, it’s the STIGMA and the STEREOTYPING associated with mental anomaly that prevents you from talking about it and seeking help in case you’re suffering from it.

The Psychology Department of the College has taken the initiative to break down this ‘stigma’ and ‘stereotyping’ through the MENTAL HEALTH AWARENESS WEEK (MHAW). The initiative was started way back in 2011 and ever since has been conducted for a week every year. This year’s MHAW was flagged off successfully today in the college auditorium during the assembly.

The opening ceremony started with a small play enacted by students of the department. It portrayed the entire theme of the initiative. Following it was a speech by the President of the Department Student Union, Kanishka on Mental health. She also briefed the itinerary of the MHAW, which goes on till the 19th of September. Making the MHAW even more special is the unique feature of ‘BRING A FRIEND CAMPAIGN’; wherein each student of the department pledges to bring a friend to the MHAW events with a promise to spread the cause of the initiative to the maximum extent.

This initiative is a small step forward in the distance of a mile. But yes, indeed the step is taken and a wave of change in the mindset of the population is not far.

Reported By – Mohanabharathi Manimaran

Photo Credits: Akshita Negi



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