The Book, Documentary and Reading Club, screened the famous documentary Mind: Awake and Asleep, on Friday, 28 August, 2015. The screening took place in the Lab 2 of the Psychology department. Apart from the students of the department, the students of the other departments such as Economics, political science, also joined in.

The documentary explained that conscious and unconscious part of the mind; it stated the biological circadian clock in it. With amazing visuals and explanations, it went on to comment on how attention works and what its limitations are (like selective filtering. Other aspects of the movie included topics like daydreaming and its advantage (that is increase in creativity), Sleep and its advantages (like decrease in stimulation) as well as REM sleep. It talked about how dreams occur as a result of brain stimulations during REM. During dreams, the pons part of the brain sends electrical charges to the fore-brain. Keeping the physiology of dreams aside, many psychologists have tried to explain its occurrence. Freud saw dreams as our unconscious desires, hidden from the consciousness, and analysed them. Moreover, there is a relation between the mind and dream. Lucid dreaming, a type of dream, occurs in the conscious awareness of the dream. The documentary went on to note the controversy on whether the idea of changing the direction of dream is true or false.

After the informative documentary got over, there was a discussion about dreams, particularly about lucid dreaming. The students joined in on the discussion enthusiastically, further enriching this educative session. The students left the room, looking forward to more screening of such movies in the future.

Reported By Mitakshara Medhi and Sana Jamal


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