Zeal Event I: Family Counselling, Permissions and Transactional Analysis – A Workshop by Dr. Pearl Drego

Zeal, hosted by the Department of Psychology, LSR,  is a set of three continuous workshops/sessions being held over the course of three months. These workshops/sessions will be taken by trained professionals working in varied fields. They shall give a first hand insight into what it is like to work in the field of psychology.To kick-start Zeal, a two-hour workshop was conducted by Dr. Pearl Drego on Family Counselling, Permissions and Transactional Analysis.

It was a quiet Saturday morning when a considerable number of students from the Department of Psychology, LSR arrived at the Upper Seminar Room to attend something that would change the way they look at counselling completely.

As soon as, Dr. Pearl entered, there was a silence in the room where the students just revelled in her aura. She smiled, greeted the students and sat down quietly. The President of the Department of Psychology introduced the students to Dr. Drego and counted her achievements which seemed to be never-ending. When she finally gave Dr. Drego the podium, she started her workshop by asking the students what they felt was the most important thing in counselling, to which the response was – Empathy. Dr. Drego focused on Empathy throughout her workshop. When one of the students poured her heart out about her feelings, Dr. Drego emphasised on being ‘non-judgemental’ and engaging in ‘caring confrontation’. She also spoke about ‘Symbiosis’ and ‘Transactional Analysis’ and went on to explain the intricacies of the concepts.

To end the session, she engaged the audience in what she called a ‘permission exercise’. She asked the students to relax, close their eyes and put their right hand on their chest; then take deep breaths. Following this her voice saying soft words of comfort,  echoed in the room making everyone in the room feel completely at ease and minds full with feelings of serenity. The audience was left with an emotional and calm state of mind, a great way to start a Saturday morning.

Reported By Sabeeha Alam

Photo Credits: Akshita Negi


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