BDR – The Beginning

It’s the first month in the college, in essence the month of getting to know the college. It’s the month of new openings! The month of orientations! The month of briefings! The month of making choices! And the month of prioritizing! Just like any other club or society the Book, Documentary and Reading (In short the BDR) Club of the psychology department found its way to the opening ceremony for the academic year 2015.

Book…Documentary…and Reading?! That definitely sounds nerdy! After numerous (No! I should use umpteen! that conveys the intensity better!) clarifications and explanations that it’s not as academic as it sounds by our seniors we were finally there for the launch event. Would you believe me, if I told you that your impression about something can turn topsy-turvy over night? Well, I would have said ‘nay’ to this, had it been asked a day ago, but definitely not now! Because that’s what the BDR’s launch event which consisted of screening a documentary called ‘Much Ado About Knotting’ did to me and every other person in my class. From being an ‘academically oriented’ and ‘nerdy’ club it has turned out to be one of the most sought after and fun-filled club!

The event began at half past eleven with a short introduction by Dr.Megha Dhillon (Association In Charge) and was followed by a briefing by the Convener and Co-Convener Shwetha and Pragya. Apart from the plethora of college freshers the event was also attended by the professors in the department.
‘Much Ado About Knotting’ is a documentary written and directed by Geetika Narang Abbasi and Anandana Kapur. It was a light-hearted film about a society obsessed with marriages, dominated by customs and compelled by traditions. The documentary revolves around a young girl, a not-so-young man and an NRI family who are compelled by tradition to look for matches via classifieds, matchmaking bureaus and websites. The documentary was hilarious but nevertheless, it portrayed a meaningful chronicle of the people who in confrontation with innumerable criteria that determine who is acceptable and who isn’t, question themselves and their choices –The predicament that almost every Indian faces!

The film in essence was a slice of the life of every Indian aged above 24. It evoked in us a series of clichéd but still unanswered questions: What actually does marriage mean? What are the criteria with which a person is judged in the ‘Market of marriage’? Have intimacy, romance and mutual attraction become irrelevant in choosing life partner? Does marriage meaning altering your true self to suit the established societal standards and expectations? What does beauty exactly mean? And so on…Not only did it provide answers for certain questions of our inner self; but also brought to light the things, which in general are overlooked by most of us. Post the screening was a brief period of discussion too. Students expressed their views, understandings and arguments with zeal. Ideas were discussed and opinions were expressed.

At the end it left us with an unending chain of thought that might probably give us a stubborn answer when we are asked the same question one day – So…when are you getting married?

Reported by Mohana Bharathi. M


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