The Dance of Psychology

Lady Shri Ram College Psychology Department conducted the very first talk of this semester with Ms. Ananya Tripathi, LSRian herself and an alumna of the Department to share her experience of studying at Lady Shri Ram College and her journey, since.

This session was attended by all the undergraduate students of the psychology department. She is a trained dancer who uses theatre as a tool to teach children essential life skills. Having completed her post graduation from Ambedkar University, she spoke about that as well.Imparting to us the obstacles she experienced including the entrance examination that she had to clear, the course structure as well as an inherent phobia of practical in psychology. Using theatre as a tool to guide children, she imbibed her extensive knowledge in psychology to infuse the subject with theatre. This included ways of not only knowing but also truly realizing yourself. She also told us about her work in drug rehabilitation at the UMHAF NGO and using therapy in schools as well.

The talk opened our eyes to options in psychology that had not initially crossed our minds at all. Ms.Tripathi enlightened and enriched the students about the prospective career paths that we could take in the future. We left the talk with a clearer sense and a better idea of where psychology would take us.

Reported by Amita Yadav

Photo Credits Archisha Bhattacharjee



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