My Freshers’ Story

Chandni Sharma

Let us start by appreciating the fact that we are lucky enough to have flawless seniors who made a genuine effort to make our “freshers” as memorable as could be.
The excitement and fun were not limited to the duration of the event but also the preparation for it. Our seniors made us switch on our thinking caps days before the event, when they informed us about   the theme. Our minds were occupied by any and every word starting with the letter ‘P’. We dreamt of pirates, psychedelics, pussy cats, princesses and psychopaths for days, wondering how we could dress up like one. Some of us came up with clever metaphors like ‘procrastination’ and ‘giving birth to a new self’.
Our lovely professors, Dr. Preeti Dhawan, Dr. Kanika Khandelwal, Dr. Megha Dhillon and Ms. Bhawna Devi shared their words of wisdom with us which made us feel all the more welcome and a part of the LSR family.
The classic ‘lemon and spoon’ race, ‘balance a book’ race, and the evergreen ‘drape a saree’ competitions were held as well, in which everyone participated with enormous zeal and fervour. After each game, the participants introduced themselves and the character they were dressed as. The seniors performed a musical performance portraying the life of a LSR student. Shwetha Gopal, a third year student and a dancesoc member,  performed a phenomenal classical dance performance. It was overwhelming to watch our seniors put so much effort into it :’) . As a vote of thanks, we, the first years, performed two dance performances and one singing-rapping number for our seniors. Dr. Suman Sharma, our esteemed principal, shared her thoughts in the end.
This was followed by a much awaited refreshment and photo booth session.
We thank our amazing seniors for a great day and don’t worry, you can count on us for a wonderful farewell!


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