The National Paper Presentation Forum

A National Paper Presentation Event is being organized in 2015 by the Department of Psychology, Lady Sri Ram College as a part of the first ever National Seminar titled ‘Psychology at the edges: Exploring issues and themes at the Margins’.

The event is bifurcated into two separate events: A National Paper Presentation Competition (NPPC) and a National Paper Presentation (NPP).

The National Paper Presentation Competition
Of all the submissions we receive, 10 or less papers will be selected for presentation at the National Paper Presentation Competition. This is a competitive event and the top 1-2 papers will be felicitated.
Click here to read the Rules, Selection Criteria and Submission Guidelines

The National Paper Presentation
The remaining papers (the ones that do not get selected for the Competition) will be presented at the National Paper Presentation after a review process. This event will not be a competitive event but would serve as a platform for students, professionals and experts in various fields to share their ideas.

Both events will be held simultaneously on 23rd January, 2015.
Papers presented at both events will be published in the ICSSR (Indian Council of Social Science Research) proceedings.
Students, professional and experts in various social sciences are invited to submit their papers for presentation at both events.
All papers will go through an objective review process for selection. The selection criteria on which the papers will be judged is specified in the link provided above.

The deadline for submission of papers has been extended to 15th December, 2014.

National Paper Presentation Team,
Department of Psychology,
Lady Shri Ram College for Women

For queries, contact:
Ahla Matra – 9971102807
Yamini Bhagat – 9992003035


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