A Panel Discussion on Mental Health Care in India: A legal and medical point of view


On the 2nd of September, a Panel Discussion was organized, presided over by chief panelists, Ms. Sunita Sharma and Dr. Manju Mehta who disseminated information regarding mental health in India to the audience.

Ms. Sunita Sharma, who is an advocate in The Supreme court of India , enlightened the audience about the history of laws and positive initiatives taken by the government of India in order to ensure social security for mentally challenged people. She also spoke about the evolution of draconian legislations regarding mental health to better comprehensive laws and how these initiatives have been pivotal in ameliorating the conditions of mentally challenged persons and how they have enhanced the treatment and care facilities given to them.

Dr. Manju Mehta who heads the Clinical Psychology Department in AIMS, and is the founder of Indian Association for Children and Mental health , encapsulated her therapeutic experience of treating individuals suffering from mental and psychological disorders. Dr. Mehta also laid emphasis on knowing the intricacies of judiciary and legal details associated with mental health as a psychologist. She then delved into the arenas related to how the laws framed for the benefit of mentally challenged people are exploited by bureaucrats and others. She thus highlighted the need to escape ignorance related to mental health laws and matters.

The discussion was brought to a close after a thanksgiving speech by the head of Psychology Department, Ms. Senti Songla Longchar.


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