Competitive Events at the Mental Health Awareness Week 2014


The five teams which had qualified the preliminary round held last week of this inter-university quiz were all present to put their knowledge of psychology to test again. The finals began with a simple round named ‘Guess Who?’ where participants had to identify renowned psychologists from given descriptions. The next part of the same round was titled ‘The Quirky RAT’ and in this round participants attempted to identify the quirky associations between the three words provided and come up with one word or term that connected them all. This was followed by the Multiple Choice Question Round which tested the participants on their knowledge of mental health. However, the highlight of the event was the Pictionary round which got the room buzzing with the doodles, scribbles, wild guesses, right answers and the tick-tock of the count-down timer. This liveliness was heightened in the last round which was the rapid fire round and the scores of this round determined the winners of the day.

After the scores were calculated, the team ‘Anomaly’ from Kamla Nehru College comprising of Sukanya Chakraborty, Jyotsna Sodhi and Shubhadra Shastry secured the first place. Coming close was the team ‘Anomatia’ from Jesus and Mary College represented by Drishti Jaisingh, Shreya Agarwal and Garima Seth. The top two teams were awarded certificates and all the participants were thanked for their valued participation.

Reported by Charul Katiyar, Correspondent, Editorial Board

Photographs by Disha Kanojia and Meghna Solanki



Photographs worth a thousand words….

The Photo Essay Competition was based on the Theme: Things that make us better, things that make us worse. Participants were supposed to send in a maximum of five photographs created by them, accompanied by concise descriptions reflecting the theme. On August 26, the photographs were presented in the psychology lab to the audience in the presence of our esteemed judge­ Mr. Ravi Dhingra, the co­-founder of Camera Unlimited Foundation and an ardent photographer. The students in the audience offered their interpretation of the participant’s work which were not always in line with Mr. Dhingra’s interpretation who revealed his precious personal experiences related to a participant’s story, and the participants also explained their endeavour to capture the competition’s theme. The stories narrated by the brilliant shots varied from a mother’s strife, domestic violence, symbols of success, hypocritical patriotism, stress busters to substance abuse.

Before announcing the results, Mr. Dhingra answered some questions posed by the inquisitive audience and expressed his gratitude for being invited to judge an MHAW event for the second time. He awarded Avni Arora with the Second prize and Cheryl Mukherjee won the first prize.

Reported by Aishwarya Bajaj, Correspondent, Editorial Board

Photographs by Disha Kanojia and Meghna Solanki



In the bustling alleways of the Psychology Department of our college, one could see bubbling creativity on the first day of the Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) on the 26th of August, 2014. Front Page­ Cover making competition for the magazine called for the people to churn out art pieces on the themes of ‘mind is a maze’, ‘variations in existence’ and ‘the many shades of humans’. The participants had the liberty to paint, sketch, scribble, doodle as abstractly or specifically as their creativity and understanding of the themes allowed them. Through the splattering shock of colours, one could find symbols, heavy block words weighing down the paper by the gravity of their meaning amidst the shock of doodles of crazy characters and passionate strokes. The nature of the themes opened hidden pandora boxes of unconsciousness and imagination. While one picture depicted an exploding head of a joker asking a pertinent question of ‘why so serious?’, the other showed a human face containing myriad other countenances all in the middle of the throes of various emotions. The judges, Ms. Priyanka Padhy who is an Assistant Professor at the department of Elementary Education and who specializes in Child development and Human relations and Communications and Ms. Dimple Bahl, who has been associated with graphic design for many years, 15 of which have been spent teaching its nuances in National Institute of Fashion Technology, declared three winners based on the originality, presentation and relevance to the topic. The small description of the paintings on the back of every art work was a supplementary introduction to the mind of the artist. Being a creative exchange where we won a fabulous magazine cover, the participants walked away with a stirring of imagination that spilled pages and created coloured pieces of art.

Reported by Aishaanyaa Tewari, Correspondent, Editorial Team

Photographs by Mugdh Setia


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