Psyched! The Psychology Game Show Prelims

As a precursor to the Mental Health Awareness Week, which starts from next week, the Department of Psychology at Lady Shri Ram College for Women organised an inter-university quiz competition. The quiz was based on the Delhi University Undergraduate syllabus of Psychology. Eleven teams participated in the first round of this competition, in which they had to solve a crossword within two minutes. As soon as the countdown started the room was filled with an incessant buzzing and the participants tried to solve the puzzle as swiftly as possible. Post the crossword, the eight highest scoring teams progressed to the next round which was the Audio/Visual round. As soon as the videos started playing, everyone in the room became visibly excited to try and guess the answers to the questions that followed. Most of the participants were able to identify the visuals of famous psychological experiments that were shown, but a few fumbled when asked to elaborate on the details of the theories that inspired, or were based on them. In the end, five teams progressed to the next round of the competition which will be held on the 26th of August.

As reported by Tanvi Chatterjee, Assistant Editor, Editorial Board

Photographs by Disha Kanojia


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