I am: A poem by Aishaanyaa Tewari

[This is an attempt to explore what “goodness” is. This much should suffice]

I am

I am sad-
Some things went out of fashion…

Boot cuts, right grammar and being good.

I am happy-
That we are taking up causes

I am glad-
To take up the last one.

I am humored-
Goodness is like a hospital dress

Assuring cover but baring all that needs to be hidden

I am agreeing-
The furry white wings of goodness like

Giant flaps resist the exhilarating speed we like to drive at.

I am sure-
The angelic halo of goodness shines conspicuously

In the darkened sinuous alleyways

I am questioning-
Are these the reasons why “goodness” faded away?

I am hypothesizing-
Maybe it never did.

Maybe it’s just hiding.

I am worried-
Did we push it away?

Because we changed definitions

Because we drew lines

Because we grew so cynical that

We called being good hypocrisy

I am afraid-
It’s due to messing meanings up

Because we mean force when we mean power

Because we mean blindness when we mean faith

Because we mean rules when we mean religion

Because we mean slut when we mean full crimson lips

I am anxious-
We’ll never return

Because we have started deciding what is “good”

Because we are drawing lines with definitions

Because we are making them toe that line.

Because we are clever to isolate who don’t

I am aware-
That Isolation creates monsters

Because it makes us claw back to civilization

Because the clawing back is not always without blood

Because its fear makes us complying

Because this very punishment sucks at this world

And after being so many things in the past few minutes

I am more than praying-
To be, not taken seriously

Because if I do, I might be told to stop being altogether

Because I am too many things at a time

Because, I am to squat down, quietly, on a strict classification; fine

But not only that, I am to own that classification too

Because this is how the world maintains order.

Image source: www.mindtheproduct.com


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