Department Orientation 2014

The Department of Psychology at Lady Shri Ram College for Women held its freshers’ orientation on Tuesday, 22nd July.

The college and department handbooks, along with anti-ragging forms were distributed, and the program began with an introduction of the department union.

After that, each first year student was asked to introduce themselves with their name, hometown, and area of interest in the subject.

Once the introductions were over with, the students were informed of their expected learning outcomes, and the academic curriculum that would be followed. They were introduced to the faculty members, and explained the distribution of marks – including internal assessments in the form of attendance and projects – in the three year semester system. Students were also asked to make a note of the academic calendar, rules to be followed in the labs and department in general, and given their tentative timetables.

The Head of Department and other professors spoke to the freshers about what they could expect from college and from the department. They were oriented with the three co-curricular college activities – NSS, NCC, and NSO – out of which one is compulsory for every student; and given a brief introduction about the various college societies.

The department teams were introduced by each team coordinator, and the students were encouraged to apply. They were also informed of the upcoming events in the department.

After all the information dissemination, there was a short break, followed by a written activity for all the first year students. They were asked to write a positive and negative quality within themselves that would enable or hinder their work as a psychologist, what they like and dislike about psychology, and also what their expectations and fears related to the subject are.

The orientation ended with an interaction between the first year students and their mentors from second and third years. They were assured they could contact their mentor, or ‘default buddy’ to ask about anything. The interaction began with a game where the mentees had just a name tag and an earring or shoe and had to find their mentors by looking for the other earring or shoe.

The next game was played in groups of 4-6, with mentors, and involved disclosure of things that had been done, or never been done by the participants.

The day ended with the freshers feeling a little overwhelmed, but a little less lost, a little hopeful, but very excited.


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