Awareness Through Art (Poster Making Competition at Mental Health Awarness Week ‘2012)


Poster making competition held by the department for Mental Health Awareness Week


The poster making competition held during the mental health awareness week by the psychology department was an event that saw good participation and interest shown by students of LSR as well other colleges. The themes given to the participants for their posters were aimed at highlighting the issues of mental health with a focus on women in particular. Some of the themes were Women and violence, mental health challenges for women at work places, Women in psychology, Depression in women and Body image in women. Arushi and Tanushka, students of BA Programme from LSR chose to depict depression. They explained that lack of appreciation for housework done by women and rejection faced by family and at work for their efforts was a major area which contributed to feelings of depression in women who juggle both work and family. They also attempted to portray the kind of stress that is created by the lifestyle of such women. Sumedha and Smriti from Mata Sundari College who participated in the poster making competition said that the competition was healthy and they found the arrangements made for the participants to be sufficient and fair. The theme they picked was Women and violence and chose to represent the different roles of a woman and how violence finds a way to her through them. Dowry, domestic abuse, rape, feeling judged and guilty were some of the things they tried to depict through their poster. Rudrani, the president of the student’s union of the department expressed that participation in poster making was encouraging this time and was a result of the effort put in by the publicity team. “There are 10 -11 teams participating this time in the poster making competition including teams from other colleges which is good to know”, she said.

In her opinion, mental health awareness could only permeate the rest of the college when the members of the department take initiative as they have done. Both the winning teams were from LSR and added to the pride of the psychology department. 1st prize was bagged by Shivani Sharma and Gaytri Barik while 2nd prize went to Chinmayee (2nd yr) and Tania (1st yr).




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