The Photography Competition

The Photography Competition – Mental Health Awareness Week’12

Report by Arushi Kothari

“If you think you can capture not only faces but emotions in your lens, and not only people but personalities in your photographs, then come participate in the Photography Competition!”

The Photography competition of The Mental Health Awareness Week brought the talented and promising shutterbugs from different colleges to put forth their talent. The theme of the week was ‘Women and Mental Health’. It was held on the 1st of November 2012 in the Psychology Laboratory. The various themes for the event were as follows:


  • Women and sexual violence

  • The emotionally resilient woman

  • Body Image in women

The photos were imaginative; it’s not easy being able to put an entire idea, an entire thought process in just a picture. The themes called for insight and imagination, and the students managed to combine both and bring out a story from just a picture.

Koyna, from our very own college won the competition. She, like the others confessed about how much she enjoyed participating and challenging herself by participating in the competition. Many students from other departments also took part and thoroughly enjoyed themselves as well, even though they did not have a previous background in psychology.

People say that the most successful competition is the one that acts as an “enabler”; one which enables those who earlier felt that they did not have the requisite ability to compete and those who wish to see where they stand and thus improve themselves. The Photography competition of the Mental Health Awareness Week was just that, an enabler for not just students of LSR, but also for the others.


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