Middle School


She was looking through the window to escape when the other girl called her… she was irritated. Not again!! I will not hear another word of mock concern. “Latha!!” the voice called, “would you eat my tiffin, I’m really bored of the same food everyday”. What! She is bored of food? But, should I take it? I am starving, what will others think? I can’t stand their pity anymore. They won’t say anything but I see their faces every day. I’ll eat, I’m starving. Upma! My favorite, this girl is weird, she doesn’t like it?

Here, your tiffin box, nice and empty. “Thanks Latha…” What is she thanking me for? Oh no, why is she coming back? “Hey you could share lunch with us every day you don’t have to eat alone” hah! I don’t have to eat at all. No thanks, I don’t like to eat in class. There I saw the flicker of pity again. Thanks for your time. Now get out of my face!

Random people come and go out of the class; the middle aged roundish woman has been going on for about an hour now. Ouch! Why did she have to throw chalk at me! “Latha! Enough! Stop looking out of the window and pay attention here!”  I’ll show them why it is important to look. Look! There is life outside, the real one, not the ideal world of rules and norms and science and lovely political systems. Not geography that changes every year in your textbooks. Not history fouled over. The present, the current!!! Its outside, it’s here. Aah, forget it. I’ll be mute as always. If they want to know, let them look into my eyes.


“What happened???” have you seen Latha? “Who, the mad one no?” she is not mad! “Unruly messed up hair, feverish eyes, crazy laugh and always lost ya I know her” well she standing there on the school terrace and going to jump!!


“Latha don’t jump”

Why shouldn’t I, this is what is real, this is what I’m meant for. Not your books, not your pitiful smiles of mock sympathy. I want to be free of this room, this building, of you all!! My life! I am coming…


Why did she do this, who was her friend, do you know what happened.

I think she was a bit challenged, you know what I mean?

No, no, some guy dumped her.

She was wild

I knew something like this was going to happen

Shut up all of you, she’s right here!! She was sick of the empty words around, the weak attempts at empathy. Nobody could enter her world. Even teachers mocked her. All your explanations cannot make up for her silence. Nobody could get through her shell of pain… we killed her!!


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